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An active galactic nucleus (AGN) is a compact region at the center of a galaxy that has a much ... Early photographic observations of nearby galaxies detected some ... and the impact of black hole accretion and quasar activity on galaxy evolution. .... can scatter some of the nuclear emission into our line of sight, allowing us to ...


The rotation curve of a disc galaxy is a plot of the orbital speeds of visible stars or gas in that galaxy versus their radial distance from that galaxy's centre. ... The rotational/orbital speeds of galaxies/stars do not follow the rules found in other .... Since observations of galaxy rotation do not match the distribution expected from  ...


How do galaxies evolve? ... Deep observations not only look to great distances, but also look back in time. This means we see distant galaxies as they were when they were .... helping us understanding the galaxy evolution. ... Learning goals.


1) How does the interstellar medium obscure our view of most of the galaxy? .... 31) How do observations of distant galaxies help us learn about galaxy evolution  ...


Our goals for learning. • How do we observe the life histories of galaxies? ... observations show us very distant galaxies as they were much earlier in time.


Oct 23, 2013 ... "We want to study very distant galaxies to learn how galaxies change with time, which helps us understand how the ... The more distant astronomers can push their observations, the ... The devil is in the details, however, when it comes to making conclusions about galaxy evolution, Finkelstein points out.


Galaxy Evolution. ... newly forming galaxies at cosmological distances, and, through mapping the distribution of Hydrogen, help us unravel these key mysteries.


How did the universe begin, how did it evolve from the soup of elementary particles ... gas, and dark matter in the universe, and survey the stars and planets in the Galaxy. ..... Nonetheless, it behooves us to learn much more about these objects. ...... Observations by NGST should witness the first light from distant galaxies.


So quasars help us to learn about these sites of galaxy formation. ... Roberto Maiolino's research on galactic evolution draws on observations from many ... his studies primarily of distant galaxies and their role in the evolution of the universe.