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To convert a decimal to a fraction, place the decimal number over its place value. ... Would it be possible to convert a number such as 3.14 into a fraction?


To convert a Decimal to a Fraction follow these steps: ... (For example, if there are two numbers after the decimal point, then use 100, ... into a whole number?)

May 23, 2012 ... Decimal to fraction, step by step, example. ... was uneven if u make a video like this it would be helpful to show improper/"wierd" numbers.


Decimals and fractions represent the same thing: a number that is not exactly a ... This page will show you how to convert a decimal into its equivalent fraction.

May 23, 2012 ... Norwill Simmonds3 years ago. My son is using your instruction to practice his math. Thanks a lot. You make it very easy for him to understand..


Convert decimals to fractions or mixed number fractions. Calculator to change decimals to fractions showing the work with steps. Converts repeating decimals to ...


You'll like this -- it's really easy! Take this decimal... .7. What spot is that 7 in? .7. So, put the 7 over 10: .7 = 7/10. Done! Here's another one: .5 = 5/10 <-- Hey, this  ...


The techniques, tips and charts will help your child convert decimals to fractions and fractions to decimal numbers.


Use this calculator to convert a decimal number to a fraction. To use the calculator, simply enter a decimal value into the box and click the 'convert' button.