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The main difference between the statement of functional expenses and the statement of activities is the financial details that are required. Inside the functional ...


Sep 26, 2017 ... These financial statements communicate the activities the nonprofit ... The nonprofit reports income and expenses on the statement of activities. ... Nonprofits do not report a net income the way for-profit businesses do.


May 17, 2009 ... Statement of Financial Accounting Standard 117 “Financial ... Statement of Activities (Income Statement / Profit & Loss Statement); Statement ... Statement of Functional Expenses (for voluntary heath and welfare organizations) ...


Jun 12, 2009 ... No matter what it's called, the statement of financial activities (SOA) ... How do we expect to end the year and how does that compare to the approved budget? ... SFE (Statement of Functional Expenses) or P&L by Activity


The FASB does not require the statement of functional expenses for every ... of financial position, the statement of activities, and the statement of cash flows.


The Statement of Functional Expense attempts to measure a non profit's efficiency. ... budgeting, and finance and other management and administrative activities. ... For example, AIP may differ with a group's decision that the cost of acquiring ... and which do not just by looking at their Statements of Functional Expenses.


This article explores the statement of activities, its unique design, and the ... and expenses or expenditures, and often calculates the difference between them. ... indirect expenses to the functional or programmatic categories, but if they do, they ...


Jan 20, 2017 ... What's the Difference between Nonprofit And For-Profit Accounting, and How Does it Impact the Fiduciary Duties of Board Members? ... goodwill; and provide oversight for all activities that advance the nonprofit's effectiveness and sustainability. ... Statement of Functional Expenses (only required for some ...


Aug 6, 2014 ... Also, most nonprofits do not need to account for income taxes, while for-profit ... This statement of activities lists the revenues and expenses as well as the net assets. ... One other difference is for-profit entities show the difference in ... two types of functional expenses: program services and support services.