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John Q. is a 2002 American crime film starring Denzel Washington and directed by Nick Cassavetes. The film tells the story of John Quincy Archibald (Denzel Washington), ... As she attempts to pass, her car is clipped by a truck going in the opposite direction, then slammed full-force by the Mack, killing her. Meanwhile, John ...


I am speaking of the main character in the film John Q. Consider his multiple ... [ RDTM] - "Reddit Did The Math", linking to a comment or post on Reddit .... He would serve one kidnapping sentence, then the next, then the next, etc. ... The film follows John Quincy Archibald (Denzel Washington), a father and ...


John Quincy Archibald, the main character in the film "John Q" starring Denzel Washington, is a fictional character; there is ... Who is the real John Q. Archibald and how long was he imprisoned? ... What happened to Audrey Kaplan, a woman from Dallas who went missing? Q: How did Armando Montelongo commit fraud?


The prison sentence of John Quincy Archibald (Denzel Washington) in the 2002 ... His attorney, however, is overheard saying that no judge is going to give him " more... ... Who is the real John Q. Archibald and how long was he imprisoned? ... in an effort to get his son a heart transplant, which his insurance does not cover.


The character John Q. Archibald is a fictitious character, so he was never imprisoned. ... What was John Q. Archibald's prison sentence in "John Q"? ... What did John Caesar do to make him famous? ... Why did Nelson Mandela go to prison? Q ...


Who is the real John Q. Archibald and how long was he emprisoned? John Q. ... John McCain, Republican Presidential Candidate in 2008, did not go to jail. Edit.


Who is the real John Q. Archibald and how long was he emprisoned? John Q. Archibald ... Edit. Share to: Go leafs go 3000 ... What was john q prison sentence ?


Is John Q. Archibald still in jail? Character in a Movie John Q. Archibald is not a real person, but the lead character in the ... How long did John Q serve in prison?


Jun 14, 2009 ... People who have watched the movie John Q have often wondered if it is based on a real life story. The antagonizing drama did provoke such ...