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Sep 9, 2014 ... Wounds go through specific wound healing stages. ... In general, smaller wounds heal more quickly, while large, deep wounds tend to take longer, though the ... but this does little to explain the recognizable physical signs to the patient. ... The last of the wound healing stages can last as long as two years.


Mar 11, 2016 ... Small cuts and scrapes typically heal faster than larger wounds such as ... pain or lack of relief over many days indicates a non-healing wound.


May 24, 2016 ... Read patient information from MedlinePlus: How wounds heal. ... For example, burns, some puncture wounds, and pressure sores do not bleed. Once the scab forms, your ... This can take as long as 2 years. Some scars never ...


Apr 18, 2009 ... How long does it take for a deep cut to heal? According to Hand Surgeon Robert Gluck, in most cases it takes about 1-2 weeks for a 1cm deep ...


Most scrapes heal well with home treatment and do not scar. ... A large,deep scrape may take up to 1 to 2 weeks or longer to heal. ... Drainage is not a concern as long as there are no signs of infection. ... area that moves, such as a joint, may crack and a few drops of clear yellowish to pinkish fluid may ooze from the wound .


Ultimately this will depend on a number of factors, not least of which is how you define healing ... How Long Does X Take? Healing ... Accidents and Injuries: How long will it take for a 1-cm deep cut on my finger to heal? UpdateCancel ...


Once the wound has healed enough to keep bacteria out, which will take about a week or two, it should be left uncovered. At that point, being exposed to air will ...


Jan 10, 2017 ... A wound develops when there is an opening or break in the skin. The skin is the largest body organ and it helps protect the body from germ ...


Typical wounds in a healthy person can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on ... He has just almost given up hope and he doesn't know what to do now.