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Identifying Pregnancy and Live Birth ... colored, and have a narrow, long anal fin on their lower side next to the tail. ... If you do decide to take care of the young, you can start with the section ...

Jan 23, 2012 ... Platy are livebearers, which means unlike most fish they dont lay eggs, ... do the babies need to be separate from the other fishes somebody knows my ... Guys please watch my video i really wanna know if one of my fishes is pregnant ... it from the others in a separate tank and it appears to be not long born.
Sep 9, 2017 ... How long do molly fish stay pregnant? is pregnant before gives birth? Which born guppies how does it take for them to get pregnant, and from ...


Goldfish don't get pregnant; they're oviparous: The females swell with eggs, which they release in ... Goldfish breed when they're about 4 inches long. ... head that hasn't been treated with chemicals in the aquarium tank with your breeding fish.


Aug 2, 2004 ... How long do pregnant bettas stay pregnant? I'm not breeding her so I'm just letting it run its course. One of my betta girls got full of eggs shortly.


To do this we watch closely for the pregnant Molly female to get super close to dropping her ... I waited all day long if she will have more but nothing came out.


The length of pregnancy in a fish varies greatly depending on the species of fish. The length of pregnancy, or gestation period, can vary from as little as three ...


Aug 20, 2017 ... Tap and hold on the fish you want to get pregnant. Drag that fish into ... How long does it take for purchased store eggs to hatch? Each type of ...


How do you tell if you have a pregnant goldfish and what is a pregnant goldfish ... or pond, such as leaves, and stay there until the goldfish babies (or “fry”) hatch.