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Climbing stairs, whether in a building or on a stair-climber machine, is a healthy ... How to Convert Stair Climbing to Miles ... One mile is equal to 63,360 inches.

Mar 10, 2009 ... Twenty flights of stairs is about equal to a mile. Use stairs to work on cardio exercise and build leg muscle. Adjust stair workouts to fit your ...


Feb 1, 2016 ... With 2,000 steps to a mile, you'd need to climb around 50 flights to equal a single mile ... How Many Calories Do You Burn Walking Up Stairs?


You can also convert how many stairs you've climbed into miles to ensure you're meeting the daily ... Walk up 3,720 average-rise steps to equal climbing a mile.


Just over 52 flights of stairs is equal to the distance of one mile. However, climbing stairs is twice as much exercise as walking on a flat surface. Within the same ...


Read somewhere online that 1 flight = 0.1 mile, but that doesn't sound right. 10 floors = 1 mile? Maybe they're thinking about the effort involved ...


Start with walking and gradually ease into stair stepping to avoid injuries. ... One mile equals approximately 2,000 to 2,500 pedometer steps. ... If you walked approximately 4.7 mph, you will burn just as many calories as you would running.


How to Calculate Stair Climbing to Miles. Stair climbing burns almost twice the number of calories as walking or running, because you are lifting your entire body ...


Approximately how many steps and stairs does this equate to on my Fitbit? ... Your One tracks each 10' gain in elevation as 1 flight of stairs.