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Deep-Fried Turkey
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Total Time: 2 hours 0 minutes   Yield: 12-14 servings
Level: Intermediate   
Directions: Remove the neck, giblets and any excess fat from the turkey; discard. Remove and discard the plastic pop-up thermometer. Rinse the turkey under cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Refrigerate overnight, uncovered, to let the turkey dry. (It must be More»
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Learn how to safely deep-fry a turkey with step-by-step instructions and safety tips from Butterball®. ... Set the timer and cook the turkey about 3 to 4 minutes per pound. ... Do not stuff you turkey when deep-frying. ... To determine how much oil is needed for frying, place the thawed turkey in the fryer basket and place it in the  ...


Fry turkey for 3 minutes per pound plus 5 minutes per bird. .... Based on the calculations given for how long you should cook the turkey, I would recommend ...


Apr 4, 2017 ... If you're interested in buying a turkey deep fryer, there are a few things to consider. ... Do not fill the pot with oil while it is sitting on the cooking stand. ... Fry turkeys that are 10 to 13 pounds for 3 minutes per pound, and for turkeys from ... All About Stuffing: How Much Stuffing to Make, Food Safety Tips & More.


To get you started, we have turkey frying tips for both outdoor and indoor turkey fryers ... to 14 pound turkey is the maximum size bird that should be successfully deep fried. ... Many turkey fryers feature a “fill line” indicating the suitable level of oil to add to the pot, ... For whole turkeys, allow 3 minutes to 4 minutes per pound.


Nov 25, 2015 ... How Long To Cook A Turkey Per Pound ... If you know how much your turkey weighs, you'll know roughly how long to cook it ― whether you're roasting, ... The minimum internal temperature should reach 165°F for safety.


A twelve pound turkey will cook for about 45 minutes. A whole peeled ... You can deep-fry the turkey in either peanut or vegetable oil, your choice. We use a 26 ...


How many minutes per pound do you deep fry a turkey? ... A 14 lb turkey should take about 45 minutes, depending on the type of oil, internal ...


Southern States provides step-by-step instructions on deep frying your turkey, as well as ... Southern States has everything you need to prepare a succulent turkey including several ... Included below are recipes for boiled seafood, colossal onion rings and much more. ... Cook turkey at 350° F for 3 1/2 minutes per pound.


Just be careful you don't do like my friend Rick did and set your pot of oil on fire ... that stuff is for boiling seafood, not frying turkeys), but there are as many different ... lbs and over 3 minutes per pound; 3. if your turkey is floating it is overcooked.