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The Great Seal of the State of Illinois is the official emblem of the state, and signifies the official ... This basic design has survived through several minor modifications since it was ... The center blue band had one large, white star for the state of Illinois itself. ... Flags of the U.S. states, federal district, and other political divisions.


State Symbol: Illinois State Flag. Illinois has had two official state flags. ... The Illinois flag was one of many state flags that were hung on the walls of his mess ...


She found that Illinois had no official State flag and, in 1912, she began a vigorous campaign ... One of many State flags that hung in his mess hall, its identity was ... Source: Gapersblock.com, We Totally Have the Best Flag, , August 10, 2007.


flag of Illinois: U.S. state flag consisting of a white field (background) with the state ... 1915, it adopted a flag that had been developed in a contest sponsored by the ... that the flag could not readily be identified when displayed with other state flags. ... the ones presented in this list—six afflictions that many of us have come to.


OFFICIAL STATE SYMBOLS ... Illinois has had two official state flags. ... Chamberlain, “Illinois” served as the state's unofficial song for many years before the ...


Illinois did not adopt an official design until nearly 100 years after the state was admitted to the union. Like many other states, the Illinois flag was the result of a con- ... The winner, Lucy Derwent of the Rockford DAR chapter, had placed the Great. Seal on a plain white ... expressing his concerns that unlike other state flags in.


Illinois flag colors - meaning symbolism of State flag of Illinois - flag pictures history ... In the 1960s, Chief Petty Officer Bruce McDaniel noted that many of the ... He petitioned to have the name of the state added to the flag. ... Mrs. Sanford Hutchison, who had previously done extensive research on the official design of the ...


Our Official U.S. Flags have been purchased for display at a wide range of ... Many people believe the first Official Flag was the "Betsy Ross"...13 stars in a circle. ... A star was added for the admission of Illinois (December 3rd, 1818) and was to ...


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