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If you are considering replacement of your air conditioner or heat pump, ... you would divide 1400 by 650 to get 2.1, indicating the need for a 2-ton unit. ... A licensed HVAC contractor should perform a load calculation to determine the ... In many cases, the existing HVAC system is used for heating and cooling of these areas.


Jan 20, 2016 ... Which size heat pump should I be purchasing and installing for my ... but also the nominal heat the machine creates and how much heat it ...


If you still need help, don't worry! ... Select Heating Type, Gas, Heat Pump, Electric, None ... 1.5 Tons, 600 - 900 sf, 600 - 950 sf, 600 - 1000 sf, 700 - 1050 sf, 700 - 1100 sf ... The manufacturers do not list the air conditioner size on the unit. ... total heated square footage to arrive at your approximate required heating capacity.


To determine the size of heat pump required, a professional should perform a ... of the building to determine how much energy is required to heat/cool the building. ... and are recommended if more than 6 tons of heat pump capacity or required.


So actually, you usually need to size for both heating and cooling. ... Many utility companies will do this for free (check with them), and if not, you can hire an energy auditor. ... So a 2.5-ton system would be 2.5 tons x 12,000 BTU/ton = 30,000 BTU. ... heat pumps), and not more than 40% more BTUs than you need for heating.


Jul 13, 2011 ... There is no simple equation to decide what size heat pump to put in a 1800- square-foot home. Instead, there are many factors to consider when sizing your home for heating and... ... So a 1-ton heat pump creates or absorbs 12,000 BTUs. A 2.5 ton unit ... Homes in a cooler area need more heating ability.


Jul 17, 2017 ... In the case of a heat pump, a unit that is too small... ... paned or insulated? What direction do they face and how much shade do they receive?


Also it is a heat pump being installed. My home ... If they do not perform a manual J calculation send em packin (make em show it to you). ... my home is 2650 sq ft and my house was determined to need a 3 1/2 ton heat pump.


Apr 25, 2016 ... This heat pumps buying guide will help you sort through the features ... This buying guide can help you become much more familiar with them in ... of heating and cooling for your home is to do an economic analysis based ... and air conditioner with a heat pump, the ductwork may need to be replaced, too.