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Oct 23, 2017 ... 10 Yard Sale Pricing Do's ... If you find an identical piece, you can print the listing and attach it to your item to demonstrate value, but don't expect to get that price at a yard sale. If your piece is worth .... Electronic and truly vintage games can go for much higher prices if you back it up with research. Also, kids ...


Oct 16, 2016 ... Pros at garage sales share tips on how to price garage sale items. From books to toys and clothes, learn about pricing garage sale items for your next yard sale.


Garage Item Pricing. Knowing how to price your items is of importance. For example, there was a man in California who purchased Ansel Adams negatives for $45.00 ... A hardcover book in good shape can go for $2.00 and, and depending one how many books you have, it is often a good idea to make bulk sales at a price ...


One of the hardest decisions you will have to make is what garage sale prices to put on your items. These garage sale pricing tips will make it easy. Forget about how much you paid originally or how valuable it has been to you or any sentimental attachment you have. If it's of no value to you anymore then that is its true ...


We couldn't even walk in our basement because it was overflowing with junk, so we decided to have a garage sale. At the end of this post we'll share how much we made. One thing that is always controversial is pricing garage sale items. How do you do it? How much should you charge? In order to answer these questions ...


Why do I love yard sales so much? It saves me ... Some areas may require a permit and have a limit on how many yardsales (or garage sales) a person is allowed to have per year or whatever. The more .... If you still have the original boxes and instruction manuals for an item, you can probably charge a little bit more for it.


Pricing items at a yard sale can be challenging, especially when you remember exactly what you paid when you bought your used treasures new. Remember ... on hangers. Coats that look like they're 15 years old will sell for less, but if you have a name brand coat that hasn't been worn much, you can price it a little higher.


Yard Sale Pricing Guide. Clothes. Baby. $.25-1. Kids'. $.50-3. Juniors. $1-3. Adult . $1-3. Jackets. $3-5. Winter Coats. $5-10. Kids' Shoes. $1-3. Adult Shoes. $1-5. Accessories. Hair. $.50-1. Costume. Jewelry. $.50-3. Belts. $1-2. Tights/. Leggings. $.50-1. Socks. $.10/pair. Sunglasses. $.50-5. Purses. $1-10. Backpacks. $1-5.


May 17, 2015 ... Yard Sale Prices. You might be tempted to not price things (so much easier!), and just let people come up and ask about the price for items—but trust me, .... We used the Square reader, which Square will send to you for free (they do charge a 2.75% per swipe fee—we ended up having less than $10 in fees ...