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A bicycle's performance, in both biological and mechanical terms, is extraordinarily efficient. ... 5 W/kg is about the level reachable by ordinary male athletes for longer ... This includes the power needed just for living, called the basal metabolic ... On a racing bicycle, a reasonably fit rider can ride at 40 km/h ( 25 mph) on flat ...


A motorcycle and 66.0 kg rider accelerate at 2.0 m/s2 up a ramp inclined 5.0° ... How much force is needed to accelerate a 50kg rider and his 250kg motorcycle at .... 5 months, she left the job and received $250 plus the motorcycle for her pay.


how much force is needed to accelerate a 68 kg-skier at a rate of 1.2 m/sec sq ... is needed to accelerate a 50-kg rider and her 250-kg motorcycle at 5 m/s2?


How much force is required to accelerate a 12-kg bicycle along with its 50-kg rider ... How much force is needed to accelerate your body at a rate of 2 ms2 if you ...


Calculate the acceleration and the net force acting upon the car. ... Fnet = m•a = ( 500. kg)•(27.0 m/s2) = 13500 N (part b). Since the ... A 53.5-kg rider on a roller coaster car is moving 10.3 m/s at the top of a loop which has a radius of curvature of 7.29 m. ... Determine the minimum coefficient of friction required to keep a 920.


Together, a motorcycle and its rider have a mass of 375 kg. If they are traveling north, what net force would be required to cause an acceleration of 4.50 m/s2, ...


A 70-cm-diameter wheel accelerates uniformly from 160rpm to 280rpm in 4.0s. ... wheel, and (b) the type it takes the pottery wheel to reach its required speed of 65rpm. .... This force is much greater at the locale of the bolt head itself, with a diameter of 15 ..... The pulley is a uniform cylinder of radius 0.26m and mass 7.50 kg.


If we have a car with a mass of 500 kg and a constant velocity 50 mph and it hits ... ...etc ) and we applied a 500 N force on the ball which had a mass of 2 KG, then: ... So in the first second the ball velocity would be 250 m /s and after 2 second the ... This is a large deceleration (i.e. acceleration in the opposite direction to its ...


Jun 24, 2014 ... The bunny is initially hopping east at 5 m/s when it first sees the fox. ... A hollow spherical shell has mass 8.50kg and radius 0.235m . ... lies along a diameter with a constant acceleration of 0.880rad/s2 . .... The rider applies the brakes, causing the motorcycle to accelerate at a rate of -7 m/s^2. .... 50 words.