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YouTube is a website that allows users to upload, view, and share video clips. YouTube uses Macromedia Flash to serve its content, which includes movie and TV show clips...
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Natalie Tyler Tran (born 24 July 1986) is an Australian online producer, actress, comedian and ... As of July 2017, Tran has over 400 videos available on her YouTube ... in response to a YouTube video by Ben Going, was featured on the Australian ... These vlogs, delivered in Communitychannel's trademark style, chronicled ...

May 12, 2015 ... ... Audition! - Australia's Got Talent ... This audition is so fucking good! If you didn't ... her big breaths are so disturbing, woould be a good audition if it didnt have those huge breaths,. Read more ... Each time I see all these moments I tend to fall in love with humanity again! ... Australia's Got TalentYouTube.
Jul 13, 2014 ... 2014 me: Omg these girls are so good! ... Why does a group like Beatz get disqualified for performing a similar arrangement of a song that ...


Dec 7, 2015 ... So the other day, I was watching this YouTube video from the PBS Idea ... with my continued pleas of, “No, but I feel like something is going on here. ... A more subtle example is how Australian vlogger Natalie Tran says “fake” and “sick. ... to YouTube—people employ these devices in speech all the time.


Apr 1, 2017 ... Last week, big advertisers such as AT&T pulled ads from YouTube, ... scary as I'm now going to be riding off of my savings until these issues hopefully blow over." .... improve our systems so that… revenue continues to flow to creators over ... Good. The reason (many) youtubers can make so much money is ...


Nov 8, 2015 ... There are videos of him at age 14 on the YouTube channel of the surf brand ... But the Australian public got to know Hayes in June, after he and his mates ... One of her biggest clients so far has been the underwear brand Bonds. ... followers between them, they are unquestionably good at being in photos.


Dec 13, 2015 ... These Photos Of Aussie Firefighters With Cute Animal .... In just 10 months of uploading videos to their YouTube channel, ... A horrifying replica Ronald McDonald is a recurring character in their videos, and they tend to get a little gruesome, but it's all in good fun. At least two million people think so.


YouTube has been the gathering place for millions of Aussies and Kiwis for the past 11 years. ... use YouTube at least once a week.2 Both for advertisers looking to get their messages heard ... So when they're on the platform, they're engaged.


4 days ago ... Dropping the C-bomb is becoming an Aussie past time — so are people .... They can't predict what's going to be offensive because people are ...