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Aug 2, 2017 ... Trump backs plan to curb legal immigration 02:42 ... remake the current immigration system, which allows a number of ways to bring family ... The bill, Trump said, "would represent the most significant reform to our immigration ...


Aug 4, 2017 ... John McCain said of immigration reform Thursday. The Associated ..... [MORE: Trump Backs Bill to Cut Legal Immigration]. "I don't know, but ...


Sep 3, 2017 ... He has created a detailed immigration reform plan aimed at offering olive ..... ( and had especially in the past) back-logs that made Rule of Law into a joke. Yes .... We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this.


Aug 3, 2017 ... Sen. John McCain aims to revive immigration reform when he returns to Congress ..... They're not happy with this not getting anything done.


Aug 4, 2017 ... Ignorant Immigration Reform ... when announcing an earlier version, bring “legal immigration levels” back down to “their historical norms.


Sep 29, 2016 ... Maybe Trump should bring back Section 245(i)? ... complex issue of immigration reform, an updated or revived Section 245(i) offers a humane ...


Aug 2, 2017 ... President Trump Introduces RAISE Immigration Reform Act. August 2 ... This legislation will restore our competitive edge in the 21st century.


Aug 3, 2017 ... Washington Times editorial on RAISE Act: “A good start on immigration reform”. “ America will always be a nation of immigrants; it's in our DNA.


Jan 30, 2013 ... The last time Congress enacted sweeping immigration reform was back in 1986. That bill, signed by Ronald Reagan, looked a lot like the ...