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You've heard your school has uniforms and you feel like it's the end of the ... School uniforms are not as bad as they seem! ... Be comfortable in your clothes.


Many schools have uniforms that students have to wear, but there are ways you ... customize, and alter your uniform to make yourself feel more comfortable in it.


When I was a school girl, I had to wear a uniform. It was a dark ... were no uniforms. All we wanted was to feel comfortable and to be different from other children.


Though I agree in some schools this may be the case but we can not blame school uniform as a whole for that. I personally feel they are the most comofortable, ...


Nov 7, 2014 ... Emma Jacobs: One school's decision this week to send hundreds of its pupils home for wearing the wrong clothes betrays a worryingly skewed ...


Jan 5, 2017 ... So a school uniform means that every kid in the school wears the same clothes ( though girls often have a different uniform to ... The clothes are usually practical and comfortable to wear. ... "It's good to feel part of the group.".


Wearing a school uniform takes away from the urgency to pick some thing to ... Also, school uniforms can be very boring,you might also feel not comfortable.


May 23, 2014 ... This article looks at school uniform pros and cons and addresses both sides ... then they would learn better because they feel more comfortable. ... Therefore, making a comfortable school uniform simply would not be possible.


When students do not feel comfortable in the required school uniform, their focus will shift from learning. Children, especially those in middle and high school, ...