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When I put a disk in my PS2 on the browser it says its reading the disk but then it justs stops for some reason. ... All of my games would read except one (Star Ocean: TtEoT). ... But, my best advice, if you want to keep your PS2 and not shell out $129 for a new one, then just ... 4 Online Dating Sites that Actually Worktop10 .me.


Nov 9, 2003 ... If you're real lucky, your PS2 might last two or even three years; ... or you can only play PSone games and not silver-colored PS2 games ? then ... cross your fingers and read on, but you may have a more serious issue than we can fix. ... should work in your PS2, with the exception of the blue PS2 game.


Repair of this device requires only common tools, but can get tricky. ... 2 opens to a screen that says 'Browser/ system configuration' screen on some of my games. ... if not - it's possible that the laser has problems to read the games. ... Your system configuration in memory card might be corrupted or deleted.


Sep 17, 2005 ... If that does not work then a simple solution is to turn the PlayStation on its left side. ... *make sure you have it prorerly suported the last thing you need is your ps2 to ... :P ) so keep your ps2 turned off:) if this does happen just leave it off for about ...

Nov 19, 2015 ... The previous owner described it as 'only reading discs sometimes. ... Yeah, keep it .... I decided to take the system apart and see if I could fix it. ... The Laser in my PS2 Slim moves, when I put a disc in it, but the disc isn't spinning .... PS2 Slim from Europe and the games work only sometimes with the console ...


At first it is not so bad, just one... ... Make sure that your PS2 is unplugged to avoid risk of shock. ... Put the disk cover back on, put a game in and see if it works.


-Caution- Your PS2 may not work once you put the PS2 back together so you try this ... If you think that there will be laser radiation when you open it then put on a pair of sun glasses. ... Cleaning the laser does not allways help fix your games. ... of problem, and i just chucked it! if only i had read this earlia... thanks eneyway.


Jan 6, 2004 ... I have the silver ps2 and that white disc gear isnt there. if you can tell me ..... i just bought this brand new game god of war and is does work but the rest ..... In your case, you should only have to adjust the one that says “DVD”.


Insert the game back into the system to make sure the fix worked. If ... apply a dab of toothpaste to the disk, and then spread it around with your finger or a clean cloth. ... Not only are these kits able to repair PS2 games, but they can also fix other types of ... Video game discs work well if you keep them free of dirt and dust and ...