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There's no better way to perpetuate the eating local, sustainable foods trend than by growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and beans—either in your own yard or at a community garden. Just like cooking from scratch at home, maintaining a fruitful, sustainable home garden provides a sense of empowerment because ...


Here is a list of broad sustainable gardening principles and practices that will, together or individually, move us closer to the goal of gardening sustainability. ... Start with the easiest seeds to save: peas, beans, peppers, tomatoes and work from there. Harvest flower seed taken from dried flowers. Scout fields and woodlands ...


Apr 13, 2010 ... With organic gardening tips you can make your edible vegetable garden more beautiful, productive and healthier for the environment and your family.


Information on how to create your own backyard vegetable garden. ... Consider the benefits of growing your own vegetables at home: - lowers the cost of ... Whether you are growing a single bed for salad greens or a multiple bed " backyard food factory", the following tips should be considered before you start digging.


Start a list of groups of like-minded people you can join or learn from. Local knowledge goes a long way in establishing sustainable practices. Get the kids into sustainable gardening. At home, at school or in the community, if kids learn the right way from the beginning, they're sure to keep gardening sustainably into the ...


Jul 30, 2014 ... It's not that hard or costly to create a self sustaining garden, really! Contrary to popular belief, gardening does not have to be an expensive venture! Especially when using self-sustaining, organic methods that can keep your soil full of life, and your family fed with fresh vegetables the year around.


Our sustainable gardening tips give you ideas for recycling materials in the garden, sourcing sustainable seeds and tools, saving water, and much more.


This approach was all learned from first-hand experience, diving head first into my garden project, a full-time three month solo effort that transformed an average Melbourne home backyard into a demonstration Permaculture garden that is a living proof of concept and thriving success, which has seen several garden tours  ...


Going organic is an important part of sustainable gardening. Using fewer chemicals in your garden is more ecologically sound and more cost effective. If you're raising food for your family, gardening organically is even more important. Start from the ground up by building good soil rich in nutrients and add natural compost to ...