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Show your parents a little respect and even consider doing ... Compromise with them to see if they will unground you.


Once you've shown your parents how responsible you are, ask them if you all can sit down together and have a serious ...

Jul 11, 2016 ... Like , comment , sub, for more.
Mar 22, 2014 ... So in this video i give you some ways to get ungrounded. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you're going to use these tips next time you're grounded... ... HOW TO GET YOUR PARENTS TO SAY YES TO ANYTHING!


Make them believe you truly understand what you did wrong. My brother once came ... Promoted by 23andMe · Explore your DNA with 23andMe. Learn more about your health, traits and ancestry through 75+ genetic reports.


How can I try to get ungrounded early? ... Not trying to tell you to take advantage of your parents really not wanting to ground you. Simply letting ...


Apr 4, 2016 ... You know those huge fights you have with your mom that end up in you saying something not-so-great and your mom grounding you?


If you want to be ungrounded from, NOT your "SUPER STRICT" ... It matters on how old you are to think your parents are super strict.


Jan 15, 2010 ... “please join so I can convice them to unground me. please please please.” .... you can be trusted and your actions that caused you to get on groundation were ... Your parents owe you respect, guidance and a roof, not alcohol ...