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It can help you to know more about cutting, why some people do it, and how they can stop. Sharing this information with your friend can be a caring act, and it ...


When Lori talked about cutting, she shared how friends and family can help a friend or loved ... Don't demand that the cutter stop, but express love and concern.


Tips to help a friend who may be self-injuring. Worried_about_roommate_cutting. If you don't self-injure, it may be hard to imagine intentionally cutting or hurting yourself. The thought ... Try not to judge or tell them to stop the behavior. Be open  ...


Nov 10, 2017 ... If you notice that your friend has cuts on their arms, if you notice a .... Your loved one will not stop cutting overnight or because you tell her to.


I would say you should discuss this with your friend, show understanding, and together try to work .... If you help her feel better and safe then she'll stop cutting.


If your friend is cutting, here are some ways you can help them stop. 1. Do not come across as judgmental. You may not be aware of their personal struggle.


Aug 30, 2012 ... “The longest time I can stop cutting is two months. ... Family, friends, and even counselors may feel squeamish about the cutting and blood, ...


Get proxy advice from a therapist, sharing all details but keeping her anonymous. .... My best friend though stopped trying to make me stop cutting and just was there. At the time it hurt: why aren't you stopping me? Don't you ...

Jul 13, 2010 ... How to Help a Friend Who's Cutting Themselves. Howcast ... I cut myself I'm here to try and stop and to send It to my friends :( . Read more.