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... carotid artery, but how long would that leave someone unconscious? ... be no problem to make him know martial arts or whatever need be.


In research Ketamine+ Xylazine dosed as per body weight is used to anesthetize rats/mice. ... How do I make someone unconscious for some hours? Is it easy to ...


Making Someone Unconscious · Homemade Items · Sleep Habits · Sleep. How can I make a homemade liquid to make someone sleep unconsciously for more ...


Can render someone unconscious with as little as 1 teaspoon mixed into a drink ... Only take drinks from the bartender/waitstaff; Watch the bartender make your ...


There's the Vulcan nerve pinch famously used by Spock. Here's how to do it: How do you properly perform a Vulcan nerve pinch on someone? It has the ...

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