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A United States Coast Guard Charter Boat Captain's Credential refers to the lowest levels of ... To obtain an OUPV Credential, 360 days' experience on Inland or Near Coastal waters is required. Of the 360 total days: 90 days must be within the ...


We recommend that you get the best license you qualify for! ... The two main captain's licenses issued by the USCG are the Operator (6 pack) and the Master.


Get answers to your questions from US Captain's Training. ... If you have a question about getting your captain's license that should be added to the list please ...


From the time I was Quartermaster aboard the Chesapeake Lightship back when she was berthed in Washington, DC, I had wanted to get my Captain's license.

Jun 13, 2013 ... This video covers in detail how to get your captains license. Their are four steps; 1) time on the water. 2) take a course. 3) pay the government.


Licenses are required in order to legally carry passengers for hire. ... and is commonly referred to as the “6-pack” or “Charterboat Captain's License”. ... of 360 days of service on sail or auxiliary sail vessels (service obtained before license OK).


You must be legal to work in the United States to obtain any U.S. Coast Guard credential. Prerequisites for Captain's License Master / Inland or Mate Near ...


... private school for USCG approved Captain's License and maritime courses. ... and remember - The key to safe boating is education; so let's get educated!


Aug 12, 2013 ... So you want to be called Captain? There are many reasons, professional and personal, to get a United States Coast Guard Captain's License.