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Apr 21, 2017 ... Three Parts:Providing a Good HomeHolding Your Bearded DragonBonding With Your Dragon Through CareCommunity Q&A. When you own a bearded .... he calms himself. Training your dragon to be held and calm can take a number of months but it is vital to creating a good relationship with your dragon.

Apr 22, 2010 ... Here is a pretty easy way to train your Bearded dragon using food. Using this method, your lizard will become used to your presence and also learn to associa. ..
Mar 30, 2016 ... In this video I will give you a tip to trick your bearded dragon to eat fruits and vegetables enjoy!


Bearded dragons are, by nature, fairly clean reptiles. They tend to relive themselves in one specific spot in the cage. Watch your bearded dragon over a period of two weeks or as long as it takes to determine the favorite "potty" spot.

Mar 3, 2016 ... Lizard Comes When Called: How to REALLY Train Your Dragon! www.youtube. com/phillyaquaponics Video showing how to teach pet reptile to come when called using ...


Bearded Dragon Handling & Training. There are a few simple points with your Bearded Dragons care, and it all begins with whether you have the time to make a pet of this friendly lizard. They are generally passive, easy going and can have great personalities, so they are a great pet choice for adults and children alike.


Secrets To Bearded Dragons Training: Stop Your Bearded Dragon's Behavior Problems. Pet LizardsReptilesAmphibiansBearded Dragon CageBearded Dragon HabitatBearded Dragon TerrariumBearded Dragon FunnyExotic Pets Exotic Animals. Secrets To Bearded Dragons Training: Stop Your Bearded Dragon's ...


Oct 1, 2014 ... Bearded dragons are able to imitate other bearded dragons to open doors.


Bell Training is essentially a bearded dragon sight & sound conditioning I started a few years ago. It is an adorable experiment to watch the babies get excited when the bell appears. As a result of weeks of patience the dragons become " trained" that the sight and sound of the bell means food is coming. I am goin to explore ...