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When they arrived at the camp the next day, most of the Nez Perce had departed for a campsite on White Bird Creek to await the response of General Howard. Joseph considered an appeal for peace to the Whites, but realized it would be useless after the raids. Meanwhile, Howard mobilized his military force and sent out ...


Type: Prisoner Petitions › General · Plaintiff v. Defendant. Filed: March 20, 2018 as 5:2018cv00188. Cause Of Action: Petition for Removal - Employment Discrim. Court: Sixth Circuit › Kentucky › Kentucky Eastern District Court. Type: Civil Rights › Civil Rights: Jobs · Federal Trade Commission et al v. Marcus et al.


Justia Opinion Summary: Joshua Butcher defeated incumbent Judge William Douglas Witten for the open judicial seat in Division 1 of the Circuit Court of Logan ...... Date: September 16, 2016. Docket Number: 15-0650. SER W. Va. Regional Jail v. County Commission of Webster County, et al. (Memorandum Decision)


Type: Prisoner Petitions › Habeas Corpus (General) · Alford v. USA. Filed: March 20, 2018 as 5:2018cv00187. Cause Of Action: Motion to Vacate / Correct Illegal Sentence. Court: Sixth Circuit › Kentucky › Kentucky Eastern District Court. Type: Prisoner Petitions › Prisoner: Vacate Sentence · McWhorter v. Farahay et al.


Dec 14, 2012 ... App.2000), and the Alabama Supreme Court affirmed this Court's judgment, Ex parte Broadnax, 825 So.2d 233 (Ala.2001). ... Johnny Baker, an inmate at the work release center and Broadnax's coworker at Welborn, testified that he saw Broadnax driving Jan's car at Welborn that ..... See also McWhorter v.


Apr 13, 2004 ... (1999), and armed criminal action. § 571.015.1. He was sentenced to life without parole on the murder count and a concurrent life sentence for armed ..... statements elicited by sheriffs informant after defendant had been charged, had invoked his right to remain silent and right to counsel, and was in jail).


Long, Aldridge & Norman, Bruce P. Brown, Atlanta, Blasingame, Burch, Garrard, Bryant & Ashley, E. Davison Burch, Athens, for Winder News et al. ... Cf. Howard v . Sharpe, 266 Ga. 771, 470 S.E.2d 678 (1996) (when a prisoner repeatedly files frivolous habeas petitions, his access to the courts may be limited by an order ...


Aug 24, 2017 ... Due to delays and legal challenges, the state hasn't executed a prisoner in a decade. Only 13 men have been put to death since capital punishment was restored here in 1978.Below are the 725 men and 22 women currently on death row. Click on the photos to learn more about the crimes that put them ...


Dec 21, 2017 ... Article (PDF Available) in The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice 52(1) · February 2013 with 1,304 Reads ... The Howard Journal Vol 52 No 1. .... the serial-killer profile promoted among law enforcement: . . . the majority of serial killers appear to share certain characteristics. First of all,. most are White and ...