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David Hume
David Hume was a prominent figure of the 18th century's Scottish Enlightenment, known especially for his skepticism and rejection of theism. His early philosophical work, A Treatise of Human Nature, first published anonymously around 1739, is considered a standard of Western philosophy. Hume, taking his cue from John Locke, rejected metaphysics in favor of a focus on the empirical method -- the idea that experience and observation should be the foundation of all human knowledge. His dismissal More »
Born: April 26, 1711 (Edinburgh, Scotland)


... Philalethes · Women in philosophy · Socrates.png Philosophy portal · v · t · e · Buddhist thought and Western philosophy include several interesting parallels. Before the 20th .... Similarly, both Hume and Buddhist philosophy hold that it is perfectly ..... Jump up ^ Helmut Wautischer, Alan M. Olson, Gregory J. Walters; ...


Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded. ...... In articulating this crucial proviso, David Hume writes, "this hypothetical ..... and intellect jointly decide upon choice of means (v) will elects execution.


Moral skepticism (or moral scepticism) is a class of metaethical theories all members of which ... Sextus Empiricus, David Hume, J. L. Mackie (1977), Max Stirner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Joyce (2001), Michael Ruse, Joshua .... Olson, Jonas (2014) Moral Error Theory: History, Critique, Defence, Oxford University Press.


The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 created a special court and empowered the Attorney General to recommend to that court the appointment of an ...


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A summary of Section V in David Hume's An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of An ...


Hume. We will be reading Hume's Enquiry, which he wrote after the failure of the .... into original qualities of human nature, which I pretend not to explain" (I,I,V). ... Is the builder of Olson Hall to be held accountable for the collapse of the ...


ABSTRACT: This paper critically examines Hume's argument against the knowledge/existence of substantival mind. This denial is rooted in his epistemology ...


3To call attention to Hume's focus in moral philosophy one might, with a nod to ..... Jonas Olson has observed that it would say what it is to be right and wrong, not what it is that makes actions right ...... The leading English case, Regina v.