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Case opinion for AL Supreme Court (In re Luciana Robinson, as administratrix of the estate of Elouise Robinson, deceased v. University of South Alabama Medical Center et al.). Read the ... A court considering a motion for summary judgment will view the record in the light most favorable to the nonmoving party, Hurst v.


Embrechts and Maejima [6], and Palma [7] and the collections of Doukhan et al. [ 8] and Robinson [9]. The values of the Hurst exponent range between 0 and 1. .... versus t. Although Mandelbrot [11] gave a formal justification for the use of this test, Lo [12] showed that this statistic was not robust to short memory dependence .


Jan 7, 2009 ... and the collections of Doukhan et al. (2003) and Robinson (2003) and the ref- erences therein. Of critical importance in analyzing and modeling long memory time series is estimating the strength of the long-range dependence. Two measures are com- monly used. The parameter H, known as the Hurst or ...


Sep 12, 2014 ... Williams JP(1), Hurst J(1), Stöhr W(2), Robinson N(1), Brown H(1), Fisher M(3), Kinloch S(4), Cooper D(5), Schechter M(6), Tambussi G(7), Fidler S(8), ... Fidler S , Babiker A, Peto T, McLaren A, Beral V, Chene G, Hakim J, Babiker A, Porter K, Thomason M, Ewings F, Gabriel M, Johnson D, Thompson K, ...


Jun 15, 2016 ... Court held in Hurst v. Florida that ... Specifically, Hurst prompted the question of whether our death penalty statute sufficiently respects a defendant's Sixth Amendment right to trial by jury. 1. 136 S. Ct. 616, ..... BYE, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN THE UNITED STATES 5–6 (1919); 6 WAYNE R. LAFAVE, ET AL.,.


Jun 12, 2015 ... Liu et al. calculated the rescaled range functions; the Hurst exponents of human chromosome 22 and enterobacteria phage lambda DNA sequences; and the transmission coefficients, ... hurstSpec in standard, smoothed, and robinson modes, which estimates the Hurst exponent via spectral regression.


Aug 15, 2016 ... 713 Robinson v. Trego. 9 717 Cambuston v. Gay. 727 U.S. v. Bale. 731 U.S. v. Castro. 770 Mora v. Foster. 791 Mora v. Nunez. 799 U.S. v. Dougherty .... Charles Hurst et al. Samuel Brown et al. v. Amasa Jackson. Richard Peters and John Barclay v. James Jackson et al. Cavalier Jonet v. Thomas Jones et al ...


Fuster V, Harrington R.A., Narula J, Eapen Z.J. Eds. Valentin Fuster, et al.eds. Hurst's The Heart, 14e New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; . http://accessmedicine. mhmedical.com/content.aspx?bookid=2046&sectionid=176546878. ... The secretarial support of Robinson Santana and Alfred Kemp is greatly appreciated. Finally, we ...


Hurst et al., 1976. A. Hurst, G.S. Hendry, A. Hughes, B. PaleyEnumeration of sublethally heated staphylococci in some air dried foods. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 22 (1976), pp. ... J.B. Robinson, P.O. Salonius, F.E. ChaseA note on the differential response of Arthrobacter spp. and Pseudomonas spp. to drying in soil.