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A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked to make a point rather than to elicit an answer. Though a rhetorical question does not require a direct answer, in many ...


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I need questions answered? ... trespassing, taking pictures and when I was going down security guards came brought me into there office and detained me.


Aug 25, 2009 ... You can find answers to various questions from different categories on Answerbag You may ask questions on any topic but will need to register ...


When you rely upon an oracle, you can ask questions about the past, present, .... If you need answers for more complex subjects you can ask e.g. the tarot cards.


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Jun 5, 2013 ... "Questions need to answer" is wrong (Sorry for the harshness). Questions is the subject, need is the verb, so the following clause relates to "the ...


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