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It can be difficult to determine whether a sick, sleeping or brumating turtle is alive or dead -- and that's an odd circumstance to have with a pet. In some cases ...

Jan 5, 2009 ... Quick signs of a turtle's death include smell, sunken eyes and no movement. ... I think my turtle bit a piece of a plastic bag by accident.
Nov 23, 2015 ... But is he dead? ... i think is the turtule is hibernaning for a long longggg longgggggg .... He's dead my other turtle was like that before he died.


I do not know what to do. I had my turtle for 2 years and a half. I do not know why. My turtle had approximately 20 more years to live. I think I...


I put the one i think is dying in the water just to get him a little wet and next to the ... I'm very upset i love my turtles, please tell me what to do!


If you took the turtle out of the water and it moves slightly, the turtle is likely going ... I wanted my cat Luna to interact with a turtle in one of her stories. The turtle normally runs super-fast, according to her, but she told me, ...


Feb 17, 2016 ... So I think every kid goes through a phase where they want a turtle. ... My first turtle, Squirtle, ended up being a complete disaster because I had no idea ... tend to get attached to things, there's always the risk of the turtle dying.


Yes, thank you. He is @1 yr.old. 30-40gallon tank shared with 2 algae eaters and another small fish. He has two little docks. We just took a little brim out that my ...


Apr 12, 2017 ... Many species of temperate-climate turtles and tortoises brumate, or hibernate, in the ... This will help regulate your pet's temperature, and keep your pet from dying or leaving hibernation too early. The best .... What should I do if it's not cold enough for my turtle to hibernate? ... I think she is out of hibernation.