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Jul 11, 2009 ... I want to make a network virus that i can send in an email. I want to send it to all the e-mail addresses that keep sending me spam. any kind of ...

Nov 2, 2010 ... Mix - How to make a virus and send it in a email EASY!YouTube. How to make a virus and send it (SHUTDOWN) - Duration: 5:06. mafia1222 ...


The answer deals with Windows. You were not looking for a way to infect Linux or Mac, were ... You can code that in any language you want but as we know we are targeting ... Note: Not all people have their OS installed in C so to play it safe we use the ... How do you send a virus to someone's computer through their email?


Does anybody know where I can download a good virus to send to a couple spammers? Thank you. ... that infection to all the innocent people they spam? On top of that, you ... What we need are a couple of good hangings.


i dont want to send a bad virus just a little echo loop but its in .exe or .bat .... People like this need to be taken care of if you know what I mean


May 4, 2015 ... Ok, so you want to get revenge on a friend who stabbed you in the back, ... 2nd do not send the created file using your own E-mail address .


As more people use the Internet to work and play, more people are facing the perils of ... Why would someone you know send a virus on to you? ... The programmer, who does not want to face criminal charges associated with spreading ...


Dec 1, 2014 ... Also, for example, if I don't want someone to keep records of my chat with them, then I can also send the same message exploit to the person.


Shouldn't everyone know how viruses enter a computer and be prepared? In this article I will explore the top 3 ways people get infected by an email virus and I ...