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tion [Slobin, 1982; Salonen and Uppala, 1991; Al-Ansari et al., 2003; Sarkar et ... Martellucci et al. [2002b] (hereafter the Salonen model). In this analysis, we examine first the performances of the threshold functions used for detecting the presence of clouds by using .... radiosonde data at SGP, and computed by using the re-.


Salonen et al. actions between phosphate and humic matter. Dissolved inorganic P (DIP) seems to be part- ly, but reversibly, bound by humic compounds and Fe ( Francko .... The funnel was re- covered at the end of the experiment and the settled sediment emptied into a bucket and transported to the laboratory. Sedimented.


Tero LEHTONEN 1 and Anssi SALONEN 2. 1 CEM Facility Services ... et al., 1995). Because services are usually produced in an ongoing buyer-seller interaction (Grönroos,. 2000), the importance of relationship issues is emphasised. In addition, as ... buyers in terms of formulating successful re- lationships and improving ...


Anne Salonen,1 Willem M. de Vos1,2 and Airi Palva1 ... Sokol et al., 2009). Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a very common disorder with a worldwide prevalence of 10–20 % (Longstreth et al.,. 2006). Even though IBS does not predispose patients to severe illness, it .... high degree of variation is typical for disturbed and re-.


Increased risk of coronary heart disease was found with elevated hair-mercury concentrations in a cohort of Finnish men, whose increased MeHg exposures were largely from consumption of fish from contaminated lakes (Salonen et al. 1995). Association with accelerated progression of carotid atherosclerosis, as measured ...


Briglia et al., 1990. M. Briglia, E.L. Nurmiaho-Lassila, G. Vallini, M.S. Salkinoja- SalonenThe survival of the pentachlorophenol-degrading Rhodococcus chlorophenolicus PCP-1 and ... A.V. Ogram, R.E. Jessup, L.T. Ou, P.S.C. RaoEffects of sorption on biological degradation rates of (2,4-dichlorophenoxy) acetic acid in soils.


Jan 27, 2015 ... Mirjana Rajilić-Stojanović PhD; , Daisy M Jonkers PhD; , Anne Salonen PhD; , Kurt Hanevik MD, PhD; , Jeroen Raes PhD; , Jonna Jalanka PhD; , Willem M de .... Monsbakken et al. (40) found indications for inadequate dietary intake in 12% of IBS patients studied, whereas others found adequate or even ...


Jul 8, 2014 ... Salonen, A. et al. Impact of diet and individual variation on intestinal microbiota composition and fermentation products in obese men . ISME J. doi:10.1038/ismej .2014.63 (2014). Show context. Google Scholar. 18. David, L. A. et al. Diet rapidly and reproducibly alters the human gut microbiome . Nature 23 ...


1981; Heaney and Eppley, 1981; Raven and Richardson, 1984; Salonen et al., 1984;. Sommer and ... plankton biomass and exhibits distinct DVM (Salonen et al. , 1993; Eloranta and. Räike, 1995) in order ..... Jackson,T.A. and Hecky,R.E. ( 1980) Depression of primary productivity by humic matter in lake and reservoir waters ...