waive any claim they may have against the College for reliance on any ...... Disclosure: M. H. van den Bosch, None; A. B. Blom, None; P. L. van Lent, None;. H. M. van ..... Henneicke et al., doi:10.1016/j.bone.2011.06.013 (2011) ..... EuroDiagnostica. A pool of ...... Wener, BioRad Laboratories, 2, Inova Diagnostics , Inc.,. 177.


In the last years, the detection of antibodies (Abs) against citrullinated peptides ... study was to evaluate the diagnostic performance of anti-MCV in RA and to .... 6 Eurodiagnostica, No. .... two tests but a higher specificity of anti-CCP (98% vs 91– 92%) ..... R, et al. Diagnostic value of anti-MCV antibodies in differentiating early  ...