The Iowa House of Representatives is the lower house of the Iowa General Assembly, the upper house being the Iowa Senate. There are 100 seats in the Iowa House of Representatives, representing 100 single-member districts across the state, ...


Representative, Party, First elected, Standing Committee Leader, Appropriations Subcommittee Member ...


Listing of Iowa Legislators for the current General Assembly with the option to select previous General .... House, Dennis M. Cohoon · 87, Democrat, Des Moines ...


See also: Iowa state budget and finances ... submits his or her proposed budget to the Iowa State Legislature by February 1.


The Iowa House of Representatives was one of 87 state legislative chambers holding elections in 2018. There are 99 chambers throughout the country.


The chart below shows the partisan composition of the Iowa State House of Representatives from 1992 to 2013.


Iowa was admitted as the 29th state to the United States of America on December 28, 1846. As of March 2019, ... Representatives to the U.S. House from Iowa.


Find your U.S. Congress senators and representative in Iowa using a map. ... The state of Iowa has two senators in the United States Senate and four representatives in the United States House of Representatives. (About Ads | Hide These Ads) ...


Iowa's sixtieth state house district is represented by Democratic Representative Dave ... Iowa state representatives represent an average of 30,464 residents.