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Find the area of an equilateral triangle that has a perimeter of 21 inches Round the answer to one decimal place? Find the area of an equilateral triangle that ...


Sal finds a shaded area defined by two equilateral triangles whose side lengths are given. ... And if I wanted to get an approximate answer as a decimal.


Finding the formula for the area of an equilateral triangle with side s. ... 0 energy points ... using one of the sides of the Triangle, then plugged that into the area formula. ... Show all 2 answers to Joshua Hoeflich's question • Answer this question .... 1/2 with the base and height for the right triangle and then if you want to find ...


Find the height of an equilateral triangle with side lengths of 8 cm. 8/2 = 4 4√3 = 6.928 cm. When do you use decimals and when do you use the answer with a square root. ... Common Core Standard 6.G.1. equilateral triangle perimeter # perimeter triangle ... Find the area of a equilateral triangle with a side of 8 units. Step 1.


A worked example of finding the area of an equilateral triangle inscribed within a circle ... 0 energy points ... Show all 5 answers to Jerry Stephens's question • Answer this question ... Can someone explain what "sin" is at around 9:40 -- ish? Is there a video on "sin"? If there isn't it would be helpful to add one. Thanks! 6 Votes.


SOLUTION: Find the area of an equilateral triangle that has a perimeter of 21 inches. Round the answer to one decimal place. ... So if we know the perimeter of a triangle is 21 inches, we can divide that by 3 to find the length of each side:


In this figure, the center point, , is equidistant from all of the vertices. ... We now know that all the triangles are congruent and equilateral: each triangle ... If we find the area of one of the triangles, then we can multiply it by six in order to calculate the area of the entire figure. ... Round the answer to the nearest whole number.


Oct 6 | Luis from Overland Park, KS | 1 Answer | 0 Votes ... Find the area of a rectangle with a perimeter of 32 if its length is two larger than its width. ... An equilateral triangle is inscribed in the unit circle. find the exact perimeter of the equilateral triangle. ... to (to one decimal place): the tip=14cm the body=35cm the bottom.


Give the answer in decimal form rounded to 2 decimal places. The base is an equilateral triangle and the length of the base is 3 cm. ... If the lateral area of the prism is 18 cm sqrd then each of the 3 sides has an area ... 30-60-90 one, with a 3cm hypotenuse. ... add this to 18 cm^2 to get the total surface area.