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Sep 5, 2017 ... The percentages of tidal volume leakage as well as peak, mean and leakage pressures for all infants were measured. Heart rate (HR), oxygen saturation ( SpO2) and end tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) values were recorded before and after LMA insertion and before and after extubation. After extubation ...


Jul 10, 2014 ... Ihsan Ullah 1,†, Eun-Kyung Jang 2,†, Min-Sung Kim 1, Jin-Ho Shin 1, Gun-Seok Park 1, .... Daborn et al. [11], through which they identified a single cosmid clone, causing the loss of body turgor and eventual larval death. The loss of body turgor, followed by floppy morphology .... According to Wilkinson et al.


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agh and Wilkinson, 2002), aromatic, carminative, chola- goge, diuretic ... ska et al ., 2010). Because of its poor quality, synthetic lina- lyl acetate is often added in order to make it smell like the genuine plant fragrance (Sell, 2006; Wesolowska et al.,. 2010). ..... with data published previously for lavender oil (Ihsan,. 2008).


Jul 10, 2014 ... Similarly, the genomic DNA of P. luminescens has been used to construct a genomic DNA library by Daborn et al. .... According to Wilkinson et al. .... Approximately 5 µL aliquot of the purified DNA was run on 0.8% (w/v) agarose gel set at 100 V for 25 min to confirm the DNA along with standard DNA marker ...


Conversely, cationic polymers with long side chains (e.g., poly[methacryloyl-Gly- Gly-NH-(CH2)6-NH2)] showed inefficient complex formation, high positive surface charge, and better transfection activity. The effects of molecular weight varied between polymers, for example, low molecular weight poly(l-lysine) produced ...


Part IV examines respiratory measurements while Part V presents investigations into sudden infant death syndrome. ..... P A Barford, C A Bass, A Beder, W Bell, F M C Besag, R Bhat, R J Blackwell, J A Blair, B A Boques, B C Bradford, G Briassoulis, M G Briers, P N Burns, G M Bydder, E B Cady, A R Chu, M J Connock , et al.


May 16, 2017 ... Kobayashi et al. found significant association between three single nucleotide polymorphisms in the vicinity of this polymorphic site in intron 1 and metamphetamine psychosis/dependence in female subjects, but not in males. While the pathophysiology of schizophrenia is related to increased/disordered ...


2014;51(3):405–17. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0022343313519666; Balsara ZP, Wu I, Marsh DR, Ihsan AT, Nazir R, Owoso E, et al. Reproductive tract disorders among Afghan refugee women attending health clinics in Haripur, Pakistan. J Health Popul Nutr. 2010 Oct;28(5):501–8. pmid: 20941902; Bartels S, Scott J, Leaning ...