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This is a list of official symbols for the U.S. state of Illinois: State symbols[edit]. Seal of Illinois 1867. Flag of Illinois 1969. Illinois centennial flag 1918. Type, Symbol, Image, Law, Year adopted. Amphibian · Eastern tiger salamander ( Ambystoma tigrinum), Tiger salamander.jpg, 2005. Bird · Northern cardinal ( Cardinalis ...


Illinois designated the violet as the official state flower in 1908. Illinois was the first of 4 eastern states to officially adopt the common violet as the state flower.


Dec 10, 2015 ... Violets grow in an abundance across Illinois, making them a clear choice for the state flower. The most recognizable and widespread of the native Violets in Illinois is the Dooryard Violet, as it is easy to grow anywhere, in full sunlight or in shade. Most of the 400 to 500 species of Wildflower Violets found ...


The dooryard violet is certainly one of the most recognizable native wildflowers in the state. It is also one of the most easily grown; it grows in anything from full sunlight to deep shade. Many types of violets, including the dooryard violet, produce two kinds of flowers. The large showy flowers that people associate with the ...


The law of 1908 designated that the blue violet be the state flower. There are actually eight species of blue-flowered violets in the state. The most common of them is the dooryard violet, Viola sororia. The dooryard violet is certainly one of the most recognizable native wildflowers in the state. It is also one of the most easily ...


Flower. In 1907, Illinois schoolchildren voted to select the state tree and the state flower. They selected the Native Oak and the Violet. The General Assembly approved a bill to make these selections official in 1908.


Facts about Illinois State Flower, the Purple Violet with interesting information, pictures of lllinois State Flower and native flowers of Illinois.


State Dance Square Dance. State Amphibian Eastern Tiger Salamander. Flourite , Big Bluestem. State Mineral Fluorite, State Prairie Grass Big Bluestem. White- tailed Deer, Drummer Silty Clay Loam. State Animal White Tailed Deer. State Soil Drummer Silty Clay Loam. Violet, Cardinal. State Flower Violet, State Bird


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