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"Illinois" is the official state song of the U.S. state of Illinois. Written in the early 1890s by Civil War veteran Charles H. Chamberlain (1841–1894, also spelled Chamberlin), the verses were set to the tune of ″Baby Mine″, a popular song composed in 1870 by Archibald Johnston (died 1887), "Illinois" became the state song ...


By thy rivers gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois, O'er thy prairies verdant growing, Illinois, Illinois, Comes an echo on the breeze. Rustling through the leafy trees, and its mellow tones are these, Illinois, Illinois, And its mellow tones are these, Illinois. From a wilderness of prairies, Illinois, Illinois, Straight thy way and never varies, ...

Feb 12, 2013 ... Illinois / C.H. Chamberlain / Archibald Johnston. Category. Education. License. Standard YouTube License. Show more. Show less. Comments • 70. Default profile photo. Add a public comment... Top comments. Top comments; Newest first. 3vgciph2 years ago. I live in Illnois, ive never heard this before.
May 8, 2012 ... The University of Illinois' Varsity Men's Glee Club performs with approximately 200 alumni at their Spring Concert in celebration of the group's 125th Annive...


Dec 15, 2016 ... The history of Illinois' official state song is old and varied, with the somber tune struggling to remain relevant in modern times.


Jan 31, 1997 ... Rather, it's the official state song known as "Illinois," a somber old tune which, despite its bland lyrics, has known its share of controversy over the years. Early feminists thought it ought to contain some reference to the women of Illinois, not just the men. And in the 1960s, an obscure state lawmaker named ...


Sep 24, 2016 ... "Illinois" is the official state song of the U.S. state of Illinois. Written by Charles H. Chamberlain (1841–1894, also spelled Chamberlin) and composed by Archibald Johnston (died 1887), "Illinois" became the state song by an act of the 54th Illinois General Assembly (1925).


With the cooperation of the arranger, Richard Hayman, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Library a full orchestral score and extracted parts for By thy waters gently flowing, the official Illinois State Song, are available from the ICO.


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