Mar 15, 2017 ... Since it's got no dialogue with the player, nothing is known about it. ... but more notably is just referred to as "LLS 3rd Stage Midboss" (幻想郷 ...


Elly is the third stage boss of Lotus Land Story, and who also serves as the gatekeeper of Mugenkan, a mansion where Yuuka resides in the PC-98 era. Tier: 4-A ...


Ironically, Kurumi is not a lake guard or anything. ... Elly states that depending on who you're using, either a Shrine Maiden or a Magician had entered the world.


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Aug 3, 2014 ... Little to no input lag, very fantastic sound and music quality, very ... big fix if you're lagging still after patching, this can help with Mystic Square's ...