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Jude C. Bursavich,Darlene S. Ransome, J. Marvin Montgomery, Baton Rouge, Counsel for Applicant Al Jerome Ransome. ... cumulation of and rendering executory of spousal and child support, the issuance of writs of fieri facias and garnishment under judgments of the court for spousal and child support and attorney fees, ...


Darleen Barfield. Jackie Barker. Jeffrey Barlow. Barn Light Electric Co. LLC. Robert Barrette. Thomas Barris. Elaine Barry. Billie Barton. Charlene Barton. Barzelatto ... Brevard Business News. Brevard County Association- for Women Lawyers. Brevard County Manatees. Brevard Indo-American-. Medical & Dental Association.


It's so hard understanding that you're not physically here with us, but we are at peace knowing that you are in eternal peace and finally free of pain. ...... May your loved one sleep peacefully, soon, the blessings of Jesus' ransom sacrifice for mankind will be fully established on a future, paradise earth. (John 3:16; Psalm ...