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Appearances: Andrew K. Kurzmann, Attorney at Law,. Anchorage, for ... Dr. David K. Spindle appeals from the decision of the superior court granting summary .... what was performed and make clinical judgments about what they're reading.


May 3, 2011 ... Andrew Paul Gonchar (CRD #1659516, Registered Representative, Staten ..... that the fund owned at a FINRA member firm; Kurzmann was the .... and another individual to someone who was raising monies for real estate projects. ...... Brian K. Alfaro, for failure to comply with a FINRA Temporary Cease and ...


Feb 2, 2015 ... (re-)introduction of multi-party competition in Africa in the beginning of the ..... to the party and who are paid for their service (Wang and Kurzman, 2007) to ...... where pi is the vote share of candidate i in the region. k is set to the nearest ...... Aragones, Enriqueta and Thomas Postlewaite Andrew Palfrey. 2007.


persecution in Iran are processed for re- settlement in the U.S. ...... Andrew Tunick . —Suzette Brooks ..... —Mr. & Mrs. Mark Andrew Friedman. —Drs. Robert ... — Louis C. & Celia K. Grossberg Foundation ..... —Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Kurzmann.


Union County, Ohio, attorneys and real estate brokers in September. ..... L e g a l T w i s t. K e n R o b i n s o n ' 9 8 u n t a n g l e s s n a r l o f b r o k e n ...... Howard Andrew Silverman. Steven Edward ..... Brian Karl Kurzmann. Amee Rebecca ...


Apr 3, 2017 ... eral NLP tasks in recent years, but the re- sults of the ...... man Ganchev, Keith Hall, Slav Petrov, Hao. Zhang ...... Andy Davis, Jeffrey Dean, Matthieu Devin, et al . 2016. ...... österreichischen Beispiel von Andreas Kurzmann um.


We investigated the early spread of Leishmania major in various mouse strains. In BALB/c mice, which are extremely vulnerable to L. major infection, the ...


Dec 20, 2001 ... PD Dr M. Wilhelm, Dr Kurzmann, Dr Porowski, Dr Strasser, Dr Valsamas, PD Dr Jakob, Medizinische Poliklinik der Universität Würzburg.


2010.09.31: Andrew Cain, Noel Lenski, The Power of Religion in Late Antiquity. ..... 2016.02.39: William R. Caraher, R. Scott Moore, David K. Pettegrew, Pyla- Koutsopetria I: Archaeological Survey of an Ancient ...... 2017.09.22: Pergamo e il re: forma e funzioni di una capitale ellenistica. ..... Reviewed by Renate Kurzmann.