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The Asiatic–Pacific Campaign Medal is a United States military award of the Second World War ... (1) The eastern boundary is coincident with the western boundary of the .... 1941 – September 2, 1945; Air Combat: December 7, 1941 – September 2, ... v · t · e. United States Campaign, Expeditionary, and Service Medals.


Bay State Hmo Management, Inc., et al., Plaintiffs, Appellees, v. ..... A. Weinman, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee, Appellees.in Re: Western Pacific ... Holding Company, Inc., Appellants,orix, Aircraft Financers, and Atlas Air, Inc., Amici Curiae


In Re: Western Pacific Airlines, Inc., Debtor,general Electric Capital Corporation, a New York ... A. Weinman, Trustee, Defendant-third Party Plaintiff - Appellant, v. .... Southwest Air Ambulance, Inc., a New Mexico Corporation, and John .... Judith Uphoff, Director of Department of Corrections; et al., Defendants-appellees


A number of flights were made over the western Pacific Ocean With ... Aboard the DC-8 aircraft were the 13.8-GHz air- borne rain mapping ... Weinman and Guetter , 1977; Chang et al., 1993; Vive- kahandan et ..... The variational patterns of the three T b (v) at •, _< ...... Spencer, R. W., H. M. Goodman, and R. E. Hood, Precip-.


2000; Carey and Rutledge 2000; Petersen and Rutledge 2001; Williams et al. ... 1982; Wu and Weinman 1984; Spencer et al. ..... Precipitation features without LIS lightning also dominate the west Pacific, accounting for 98% of the ...... Mohr, K. I., E. R. Toracinta, E. J. Zipser, and R. E. Orville, 1996: A comparison of WSR- 88D ...


They used composites of satellite data and a network of upper-air sounding stations ..... behavior of large cloud systems over the west Pacific warm pool ( Chen et al. ..... We gratefully acknowledge C. Bretherton, V. Chandrasekar, D. Kingsmill, ..... Spencer, R. W., R. E. Hood, F. J. LaFontaine, E. A. Smith, R. Platt, J. Galliano, ...


Apr 1, 2005 ... since the TRMM satellite launch in 1997 (Marks et al. 2000 ... July–September within the equatorial western Pacific ... and a network of upper-air sounding stations to char-. 1 Local time at ..... politics of the Kwajalein region and the available re- ..... H and O isotopes to distinguish evaporation from rain vs.


over the oceans, the west Pacific has the highest frequency of intense precipitation ... Current affiliation: Polar Meteorology Group, Byrd Polar Re- ... 1982; Wu and Weinman 1984; Spencer et al. ..... GHz PCT, (c) and maximum 30- dBZ height vs median of the mini- ...... continental air masses (Pruppacher and Klett 1997). For.


Feb 1, 1997 ... 20 km over two rainstorms: one in the western Pacific Ocean on 19 ... from microwave radiometric measurements (Weinman et ... et al. 1977). Moderate signatures caused by scattering processes at ... 9.7-GHz EDOP radar (NASA ER- 2 Doppler radar) re- .... In the second study case, only the NASA ER-2 air-.