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Apr 8, 2015 ... Kotto also said criticism of the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for failing to reward civil rights drama Selma at this year's ceremony was misplaced. “They're wrong,” he said, pointing out that he himself had not voted for the film. “I'm in the Academy and people who project racial issues into ...


Jan 1, 2018 ... Once upon a time, an enthusiastic student of mine talked to his Japanese friend and was told that Particle Koto could be always interpreted as 'Matter'. Of course, I suspected neither my student nor his Japanese friend. However, as a matter of fact, in Japanese, can Particle Koto be always interpreted as ...


Nov 19, 2010 ... Before I get too carried away talking about this movie, though, I should establish one thing: we're here to talk about Yaphet Kotto today, but Eye of The Tiger is Busey's show, first and foremost. This film was produced to showcase the man's prowess as both a romantic and "action" lead, and was meant to ...


Oct 28, 2003 ... Alien, which gets a souped-up re-release that opens on Wednesday, is just one moment in Yaphet Kotto's thirty-plus-year film career; a career including more than seventy films, among them: Live and Let Die, Brubaker, Midnight Run, The Running Man and the original version of The Thomas Crown Affair.


Kotto's opinion on the matter comes after his “Live and Let Die” co-star, Roger Moore — who played Bond in seven films — said casting a black man to play the iconic spy was “an interesting idea, but unrealistic.” “I think he should be 'English- English,'” Moore said in an interview that landed him in hot water with the public.


The year may be omitted when a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work, with accompanying textual matter, if any, is reproduced in or on greeting cards, postcards, stationery, jewelry, dolls, toys, or useful articles. 3 The name of the copyright owner, an abbreviation by which the name can be recognized, or a generally known ...


Directed by Yaphet Kotto. With Yaphet Kotto, Quinn K. Redeker, Virgil Frye, Corinne Cole.


Directed by Denver Pyle. With Yaphet Kotto, Rayford Barnes, Ken Mayer, Bing Russell. A man of God living in the desert tries to convince a hardened killer that he could truly change in his heart, no matter his past crimes.


The expression koto ga dekimasu is best thought of as idiomatic; koto is "an abstract thing" and dekimasu, or dekiru, to use the dictionary form, as we shall henceforth when referring to a verb, is a word of wide meaning, including such as "is made", "is produced", "is possible"; you may thus think of yomu ...