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Shortly after this, the Fourth Doctor and Romana are projected outside the known universe and into a universe of negative coordinates, known as Exo-Space. The TARDIS lands on a planet called Alzerius (Full Circle), where they are joined by a young prodigy named Adric. It's in E-Space that the Doctor destroys the last of a ...


There's a brilliant bit at the beginning of Tom Baker's very first episode as the Doctor, in part one of Robot, where he is attempting to decide what kind of clothes he wants to wear. He goes into the TARDIS and comes out dressed as an ancient viking warrior, much to the Brigadier's consternation, then he goes back in and ...


Although the Doctor owned many scarves throughout his lives, the Doctor's scarf from his fourth... ... If this article wants to remain focused on the Fourth Doctor's scarf, then it should be called The Fourth Doctor's scarf. ... Searching for her rucksack, Ace entered the console room briefly wearing a long, multi-coloured scarf.


The First Doctor's usual hat of choice was a karakul or Astrakhan, a triangular hat often associated with Afghanistan, or what one account called an "oddly shaped fur hat". (PROSE: Doctor .... (TV: The Androids of Tara) Romana II briefly toyed with wearing the Fourth Doctor's fedora after her regeneration. She later wore a ...


Filled with wanderlust and a renewed curiosity towards exploring time and space, the Fourth Doctor left all ties of his previous incarnation's exile behind on Earth, .... This wore him out and bought Harry enough time to remove a terullian diode bypass transformer from the ship that nurtured Styre with energy, making the ...


This page is a collection of quotations from the era of the fourth official incarnation of The Doctor from the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who, .... Brigadier: You know, just once I'd like to meet an alien menace that wasn't immune to bullets. ...... And the president was wearing it when he was shot down!


Nov 21, 2013 ... It is also very uncomfortable half-crouching inside the trolley, and when I found that wearing trousers made it because they rubbed [sic], I opted to wear a ... Show producer Barry Letts explains what's really happening in “Planet of the Spiders,” the episode where the Third Doctor regenerates into the Fourth.


Dec 24, 2013 ... The Fourth Doctor developed a stronger bond with the human race than any previous Doctor. ... "You know how it is; you put things off for a day and next thing you know, it's a hundred years later." ... Although he was the most confident Doctor, he wasn't popular with his hat-wearing former selves.


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