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In some real-world problems you can get more than one output for one input? In some ... Answers.com® is making the world better one answer at a time. True.


Perhaps the most relevant “real-world” relation is ... You may have heard the saying, ... our function is the “position with respect to time” of some object, then the input is ... Since mothers can have more (or less) than one child, “relating mothers to ... ​A function is a relation (such that for each input, there is exactly one output) ...


Jan 6, 2013 ... Suppose the input x=a outputs more than one distinct value, so that y=f(a)∈{y1,y 2,...,yk,...}. ... the behavior of a function at a particular value, if it can take on many values at a given point. E.g. How would we define continuity of, say, a real-valued multifunction? ... But you'd might like to explore the following:.


For example, when you toss a ball, each second that passes has one and only one ... Because a single address can produce more than one set of occupants, the ... (input) and the dependent quantity (output) are real numbers, a function can be ... one output value means graphs of functions have certain characteristics .


Each state can be matched with two individuals who have been elected to serve as ... Both of these are real-life examples of relations. ... Some of the inputs result in more than one output. ... Problem. Is the relation given by the set of ordered pairs below a function? ... You could reorganize the information by creating a table.


Video created by The Ohio State University for the course "Calculus One". ... outside of the classroom, we will see examples of calculus appearing in daily life. ... the concepts and practice applying those concepts to solve problems. More .... And you can plot them, right? ... Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play.


Checking whether a description of the price of an order can be represented as a function ... If you input the dollar amount of the order, say $150, then you can get the cost of ... In a function, there can be more than one input, but only one output. ..... Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.


Nov 20, 2007 ... One student sits inside the function machine with a mystery function rule. ... After two or more inputs and outputs, the class usually can understand the ... Unfortunately, if you play again, the sequence of problems is identical. ... in change, if the user has entered more money than required by the function rule.


Some examples of functions include: Money as a function of time. You never have more than one amount of money at any time because you can ... more. But the important thing is that there is only one temperature output when you ... as the input or independent variable, because its value can be chosen freely. .... Problem 1:.