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Decimal equivalents of eights, sixteenths, thirty-seconds and sixty-fourths of an inch. ... Convert fractional inches to decimal equivalents and vice verca: ... Feet to Inches Converting Chart - Convert from feet and inches to inches; Inches to feet, ...


1/64 .015625. 33/64 .515625. 1/32 .03125. 17/32 .53125. 3/64 .046875. 35/64 . 546875. 1/16 .0625. 9/16 .5625. 5/64 .078125. 37.64 .578125. 3/32 .09375. 19/ 32.


Fraction-Decimal Conversion Chart - Fraction - Inches - Millimeters. JGB Enterprises, Inc. is a hose assembler of hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies for all ...


The Inches to Demicals of a Foot Calculator helps you pipe length conversions. ... This calculates either way (feet/inches to decimal feet or vice versa). Inches ...


The chart below can be used to easily find the correct fraction for your decimal measurement, or vice-versa. Find decimal equivalents in 1⁄64” increments, ...


MEASUREMENTS AND CONVERSIONS. It also has many other uses! Convert fractions to decimals and millimeters and reverse. (1 INCH = 25.4 MM EXACTLY)


fraction, decimal, mm, fraction, decimal, mm, fraction, decimal, mm .... This chart may be printed out. factor 1/25.4 -- 4 places (1 inch = 25.4 mm exactly) ...


If you measure floor areas and your measuring device reads out in feet and inches, this conversion chart can come in handy.


Ruler/Measurement Guideline. Inches to Decimal Chart. This is a handy chart to go by if you are not good with fractional figures! Feel free to print or save it!