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The flag of Indiana was designed by Paul Hadley and officially adopted by the state of Indiana on May 31, 1917. It was the state's first official flag and has remained unchanged since then except for the creation of a statute to standardize the production of the flag.


The blue and gold state flag of Indiana was adopted by the 1917 General Assembly as part of the 1916 Indiana centennial celebration.


"The field of the flag shall be blue with nineteen stars and a flaming torch in gold or buff. Thirteen stars shall be arranged in an outer circle, representing the thirteen original states; five stars shall be arranged in a half circle below the torch and inside the outer circle of stars, representing the states admitted prior to Indiana; ...


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Indiana State Flag. Indiana Code: IC 1-2-2-1. Sec. 1. A state flag is hereby adopted, and the same shall be of the following design and dimensions, to-wit: Its dimensions shall be three (3) feet fly by two (2) feet hoist; or five (5) feet fly by three (3) feet hoist; or any size proportionate to either of those dimensions. The field of the ...


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Aug 29, 2017 ... The design of the Indiana State Flag is the result of a design competition sponsored by the Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, at the behest of the General Assembly, during the state's 1916 Centennial celebration. Two hundred proposals were received and examined. The winning design ...


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Oct 27, 2017 ... The Indiana flag was designed by Paul Hadley of Mooresville as part of Indiana's centennial celebration flag design contest which was organized by...