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Love it or hate it, everyone has to do the laundry at some point. ... Most labels inside clothing will give you drying instructions in addition to washing instructions .


Time to complete: Approximately 45 mins. You need: a. Dirty clothes b. Any liquid laundry detergent c. A washing machine (connected to power and water) d.


Oct 23, 2017 ... Learn how to do laundry with these ten basic steps for washing white and colored clothes and linens. Laundry 101.


Follow the same instructions based on different fabric types. Cotton blends can be machine-washed cold on delicates, wool and cashmere on the delicate cycle  ...

Apr 7, 2014 ... In which we discuss how to do laundry, what preshrunk means, and recruit Where's Waldo and Neil DeGrasse Tyson to figure out HOW THE ...


Aug 24, 2010 ... Separate your clothes into piles of light colors, dark colors and whites (sometimes there is not enough whites to make a full load, if not just ...


You should also check all snaps, buttons or straps to make sure they are secure and don't pose a hazard. By carefully reading the care instructions on your ...


programme and laundry product(s) and follow dosing instructions. Handwash- only ... Do not use more than the recommend amount of detergent. Over-dosing ...


Basic tips and instructions for how to do laundry, including a "Laundry 101" video.