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Interesting Facts on a Zebra
Members of the Equidae family, which includes horses and asses, zebras have never been truly domesticated. Today, there are three distinct species of zebra: the plain zebra (Equus zebra), the mountain zebra (Equus quagga) and Grevy's zebra (Equus grevyi).... More »
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Sep 18, 2014 ... Discover 10 fascinating facts about the zebra. ... Zebras are very fast-moving animals, and can reach speeds of up to 65kmph when galloping across the plains. This is just fast enough to outpace predators such as lions. Foals can run with the herd within ... They are fun animals. Kailee Welsh • 6 months ago.


Commonly know for their black & white stripes, zebras are among the mammals everyone's seen, but don't know a lot about. Check out these top 25 zebra facts!


Check out our awesome range of animal facts for kids and learn some fun trivia about our friends in the animal kingdom. Interesting Information about Zebras Fun Zebra Facts for Kids. Check out our fun zebra facts for kids. Learn about their black and white stripes, what they eat, where they live and much more. Read on and ...


Zebra facts: learn all about Africa's three species of zebra, with facts about zebras ' stripes, habitat, range, diet, behaviour and defence mechanisms…


Learn about the size, diet, population, range, behavior and other fascinating facts about zebras.


When they are in a herd the zebra's distinct stripes merge into a big mass and make it hard for predators to single out individual animals.


Oct 17, 2014 ... Zebras are single-hoofed animals that are native to Africa. Zebras are very closely related to horses and donkeys; in fact, they are in the same genus, Equus. The most prominent feature of zebras is the bold patterns on their coats. Zebras are generally thought to have white coats with black or brown stripes, ...


Mar 17, 2017 ... Zebras are known for their stripes, but did you know that those stripes are like fingerprints, marking each individual zebra as unique?


Click here for more animal facts. Zebras are herbivores. Herbivores are animals that eat plants. Zebras are ungulates. Ungulates are a hoofed animals. They are part of the horse family; Zebras have excellent eyesight and hearing. There are 3 main species: Plains Zebra, Mountain Zebra and Grevy's Zebra. Scientific name ...