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Interesting Facts on a Zebra
Members of the Equidae family, which includes horses and asses, zebras have never been truly domesticated. Today, there are three distinct species of zebra: the plain zebra (Equus zebra), the mountain zebra (Equus quagga) and Grevy's zebra (Equus grevyi).... More »
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Zebra Barcodes. 12 Apr. This is now. FACT: Zebras have stripes, simple, they are white with black stripes. The purpose of these myriad markings is to break up their shapes and make it harder for carnivores to pick individuals out amongst a crowd. This works to some extent, even on us humans. That is the problem. Simply ...


Jun 22, 2017 ... Facts about zebras. Zebras are monogamous animals, inhabitants of African shrouds, steppes and mountain plateaus. They often migrate in search of food and water.


Sep 5, 2017 ... Within the animal kingdom, we find the Zebras national animal of Botswana, these magnificent animals, which are characterized at first sight by their beautiful stripes.


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Zebras' unpredictable nature and tendency to attack preclude them from being good candidates for domestication. For more information about the criteria for domestication see : The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Animal Attraction Fact Sheet: Why were so few animals domesticable? While attempts at domestication ...


Uganda prides in having one of the most unique and special animals- the Zebra, no wonder Uganda is referred to as the “Pearl of Africa”. The best places to see Zebras in Uganda are Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park. The Zebras are part of the horse family united by their distinctive black and  ...


Aug 13, 2011 ... Zebra is an animal that is very similar to horses, zebras have a very unique shape. Zebras usually live in groups, the current number of zebra population decreases. This is 10 interesting zebra facts. 1. Zebra able to see clearly when in fact the night. Eye Zebra. 2. Zebras and horses are included in one ...


In all, zebras are quite sociable and their ability to eat and digest quite a large variety of grasses, shrubs, plants and even fruits makes them quite an interesting and easy animal to tame and feed. We personally think the zebra is an amazing creature. What about you, do you have a fascination with this beautiful animal?


Jul 8, 2009 ... Fun Facts on Zebras. Zebras are considered ungulates which is a hoofed animal. They belong to the Equidae family which is the horse family. The plural for Zebra is Zobrani. Zebras have excellent eyesight and hearing. There are three main zebras: Plains Zebra, Mountain Zebra and Grevy's Zebra.