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More: Human Body Facts · There is a 51% chance that a flipped coin will land on the side that was facing up when it was flipped. There is a 51% chance that a flipped coin will land on the side that. More: Everyday Life Facts ... More: Language & Words Facts ...


... Let's peel back all the layers of this onion. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. The Internet is a Golden Corral for these theories and we eat them up… Diamond Brown 3 min read. 1; 2 · 3 · 4 … 59 · Next. WordPress Theme built by Shufflehound. © 2018 Dose Media LLC. For editorial inquiries: social at dose dot com.


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Jan 27, 2014 ... Learn more about the amazing world around you with these one hundred interesting facts that are guaranteed to tantalize your mind!


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Dec 30, 2016 ... Humans have cultivated and used the flowering tops of the female cannabis plant , known colloquially as marijuana since history was recorded. Archaeologists in Central Asia even found over 2 pounds of cannabis in a 2,700-year-old grave of a shaman. Written and pictorial evidence. Read More.