The United Mine Workers of America (UMW or UMWA) is a North American labor union best ... During World War II the UMW was involved in a series of major strikes and threatened walkouts that angered public opinion and ..... The mine owners sued the local and national organizations of the United Mine Workers Union.


The office of president dates from the formation of the United Mine Workers of America ... Personal Files (1923-1972 and undated) Series 7: President Emeritus Office ...... Merger of District 5 local unions 1190 and 1197: International Executive ...


Formed in 1890, the United Mine Workers established a journal in 1891 to inform and ... At the international convention of January 1918, the union decided to distribute ... In March 1972 the publication office of the Journal moved back to Indianapolis, while ...... Local union elections: Local 6712, Slagle, West Virginia, 1963 ,.


United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), American labour union, founded ... The union earned public criticism for calling a strike in 1943 (during World War II).


Tony Boyle, president from 1963 to 1972, was convicted of the murder of his rival, .... United Mine Workers of America (UMW), international labor union formed ..... In that year coal miner John Bates organized a local union in the anthracite coal ...


United Mine Workers District 22, Price, UT, 3,715. United Mine Workers Local 717, Ilion, NY, 1,082. United Mine Workers Local 1713, Herndon, WV, 958.


Throughout the history of American labor, the United Mine Workers of ... of the mine workers of North America to build and maintain a strong and enduring union.


May 16, 1977 ... The United Mine Workers union was once described proudly by the late John L. Lewis as the "shock troops of the American labor movement. ... The widely accepted likelihood that these rebellious local work stop-pages will ... Roy Patterson, the candidate of the old-guard faction that backed Boyle in 1972.


Jul 9, 2012 ... The United Mine Workers (UMW) was founded in Columbus, Ohio, ... Adopting the model of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), the union was ... However, most early women miners worked during World War I and World War II ... and organized union, so they set up a system of local assemblies, or LAs.