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Meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food. :1 Humans have hunted and killed animals for meat since prehistoric times. The advent of civilization allowed the domestication of animals such as chickens, sheep, ..... as cows, sheep, goats, and horses is considered red, while chicken and turkey breast meat is considered white.


Thanks for the question. Chicken is definitely classified as meat. However, chicken fat, as found in broth, is not considered meat. All fowl, including chicken, are ...


Yes. As is beef, pork, duck, venison, buffalo, turkey, etc. Meat is mostly the muscle tissue of an animal. Most animal muscle is roughly 75% ...


Chicken is a type of poultry, and is meat. ... Is chicken considered a meat? Is chicken considered ... It IS meat. It is the meat of an animal known as a “chicken.”.


Question: Why is poultry considered meat for the purpose of separating meat and ... wouldn't be seething a kid in its mother's milk if you mixed chicken and dairy.


Chicken is considered meat. Meat is the muscle tissue of an animal, and chicken is the name for meat that comes from muscle of the animal known as a...


Mar 13, 2014 ... Each Friday during Lent, Catholics are supposed to give up meat, ... That had Chuck from Clearwater wanting to know: Why is fish not considered meat? ... only from animals that live on land, like chicken, cows, sheep or pigs.


This is also the reason reptiles are considered a wanna-be meat. 3. Meat has 4 Legs. When it comes right down to it, the number of legs the species normally ...


Jan 25, 2013 ... Shutterstock. Chicken and fish are often considered sort-of-not-really meat. You hear this a lot: “I don't eat meat, but I eat chicken and fish.